Sunset Knights (DiTFT) KyoCaz Gen 3, Chapter 11

So last time you saw me I was standing outside Summer Hill Court waiting for the green-haired man to answer the door. He seemed thrilled once I said that I was there for the nanny position. He led me inside so we could chat about the position and my experience with children.

Broc Root was his name and he had three girls that he needed someone to watch while he was busy with work. …hmm reminds me of my parents expect we had to fend for ourselves. Anyway, he had just moved here from Meadow Glen and the girls’ old sitter couldn’t make the move with them so thus the need for a new nanny. Broc said that the transfer wasn’t permanent, but Broc didn’t know when he would be transferred again.

I explained that it was alright and that I just needed a job to support my own children.

Broc smiled, but then restated that the nanny position would require me to live in the spare room. I nodded and then slowly asked, “I understand… but my children are in social services and I need to get them legally back before the week is through. So I thought… perhaps if they could live here as well.”

Broc was silent at this request for what felt like hours. “That’s Fine.” He said courtly, “but you have to make sure you are on top of your job and my girls come first. And I better not hear your children when I’m working. Then we two are going to have a problem.” Broc sighed and then flatly stated, “you owe me.” I nodded in agreement since what other option did I have? I mean I wanted to see my babies again.

Broc then explained the rules of the house and the girls’ to me. They were still at their after school activities; I would meet them later.

“I can show you your room now I suppose” Broc said after looking at his watch, “The girls will be home soon.”

I smiled and nodded. I would be able to get my babies back! The thought filled me with glee and so I followed Broc upstairs with a pep in my step.

Broc showed me my room, it was quite. There was room for a bunk bed for my Page and Marco. “This will be your room; there is a bathroom right over there,” he said gesturing to the right.
A slam was heard from downstairs followed by a “Daaad! We’re home!”
Broc stepped out into the hallway and shouted back, “Go sit on the couch girls, your new nanny is here!”
Broc turned to me and ushered me to follow, so I did.

Three young girls sat on the couch just like their father asked.
“From left to right, Allison, Ania, and Abigail.” Broc said to me and then to his daughters, “This is Mrs. Knight.”
“Miss” I corrected.
“Miss Knight,” Broc repeated correcting his mistake, “she will be your new nanny. She has two children your age that will be living here as well. You listen to her while I’m working.”

All three nodded and then shifted their attention from their father to me. I smiled and walked over to the couch next to them.
“I’ll leave you to it then.” Broc mumbled as he left for his study.

“Hi girls,” I greeted.
Allison just looked at me and then smiled slowly, Ania turned and regarded me with an even smaller smile, and Abigail just glanced at me. …ugh, hopefully they weren’t always like this. I mean they are children so wouldn’t they be more energetic?
“Soo…” I started trying to think of a question to perhaps get to know them a little more. But before I could say anything, Abigail hopped up from the couch and flatly stated, “I have homework to do.” and walked away.
Ania and Allison sat for a moment and then said at the same time, “So do we.” And they left me alone. I sat there for a moment dumbfounded that the girls didn’t even ask anything of me or really respond to me at all. Oh well I guess… I suppose I’ll have to work on that later.

After two days had passed and I got a bunk bed for Page and Marco; I called up the social services and told them I had everything they required for me to get my children back. They agreed and said that they would be dropped off at the house the next day.

I was so excited! I waited for the bus that day hoping it would come sooner than later.

There they were! My babies! Err well, children.

I gave each of them a hug and told them how much I loved them and was glad that I could finally see them again.

Everything was going to be okay now that my babies were with me again!

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Sunset Knights (DiTFT) KyoCaz Gen 3, Chapter 10

… It’s been a while. Five years to be exact. It’s been a long five years… but I… I made it though, barely. The only thing that kept me going was the thought of my children. Marco and Page. They needed me to get out of that awful place and I did… eventually. You probably wondering what happened to me aren’t you? Why I was blamed for my damn husband’s murder and why it has been so long for me to get out of jail. Well to be completely blunt, the law system stinks. And another thing, it damn expensive to get a lawyer and a good one at that… but I guess you deserve the full story so here I go:

Well first off, Pascal was a rascal… haha that rhymed. Oh right anyway… apparently he was spreading rumors about me that I was a bad parent and that I threatened him daily that I was going to kill him or something. Even though I never did! I don’t understand that man and I don’t think I ever will! But anyways, so the police had heard of this rumor and were keeping an eye on me apparently and since like all of my siblings are insane and two of them had already gotten in trouble with the law, the police were actually considering that I might be crazy too and that Pascal’s rumors were truth! Ridiculous I know! 

But when Pascal ended up dead after that fire… than somehow was proven that I had started it and let it spread and thus Pascal’s untimely death, it was the last thing the police needed to get me in jail. So I was put in jail and my babies were taken from me and put into social services, foster care, until I was “well” enough to care for them again. So then it was a waiting game for my trial and then the second trial and then my conviction of guilty for manslaughter… I was devastated. I didn’t know that the law system was this unreliable for the truth. I didn’t kill my husband. But because of that verdict, I sat in prison for 5 years. I missed 5 years of my children’s lives… I’m such a terrible mother.

Page and Marco were too young to visit me on their own and I was never allowed to visit them… I only got a picture of them from social services once a year. I am thankful for that at least, but they practically grew up without their mother. Page was already in 4th grade and Marco was in 2nd grade! The last time I saw them they were toddlers!

But that changes today. Today I get my babies back; today I am a free woman. I even changed my last name back to Knight; I was Mrs. Morel no longer. Now all I had to do was go back home and wait for the social workers to give me back my children. But when I got back to my house… let’s just say it was not in good condition…

It seems there was yet another fire… one that took the whole house with it….

My… My house. It was totaled and I didn’t have the money to repair it and it was certainly not livable. What was I going to do? I needed a job and a house and fast….

A social worker pulled up as I stood gawking at my house. She didn’t have my children in the back of her car I noticed when I turned from the sound of the engine stopping. The woman looked at me and then at the house in ruins and then back at me and said that the past earthquake that had hit Sunset Valley must have done this to my house… and that other houses were damaged as well. She then stated that I needed a suitable place for my children to live if I wanted them back and that I had a week to do so.

I asked if I could have more time than that, but the social worker just got back into her car and said again, a week! Then she drove off.

I didn’t know what to do… The thought crossed my mind that I could go back home… my dad did say that I was always welcomed back home… no. No. I’m not going back there. I can handle this myself. Hrmph. Now, where would be a good place to get a job… since that’s what I need…

I figured that the local grocery store might be a good place to look first and the park was on the way there so I could clear my head a little. So I walked through the park on my way to the store and I saw a newspaper laying on the ground. Hmm. Perhaps there would be a wanted section…

So I picked up the newspaper and started to flip through the pages…. Hm? What was this? “Wanted Nanny. For three girls. Living quarters provided. Must Cook, clean, dress, care for, help with homework, repair and watch over. Good Pay, Come to 15 Summer Hill Court, between 3pm – 5pm for interview.” This was it! This is what I needed!

I would have a job and a house all in one! I can cook, clean and repair! I did all of that before This is a perfect job for me! I looked at the clock in the park and it was after 3 already. So I got myself up and headed to Summer Hill Court.

It was dark by the time I got there, but still before 5pm. So I rang the door bell to be greeted by a green haired man…

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Sunset Knights (DiTFT) KyoCaz Gen 3, Chapter 9

I went to the door hesitantly once I saw that it was a policewoman at the door. Why would she be here I wondered. My husband was just killed and now Page was crying… I hope this will be quick.

No sooner than when I stepped out of my house and greeted the officer, she pointed at me and said that I was under arrest for the Murder of Pascal Morel. Murder? MURDER? I did not kill my husband! What nonsense was this?!

I told her that and she just got more angry saying that I have the right to remain silent and all that jumbo…

But I really didn’t understand why I was being charged! It was a fire that killed him not me! I told her that and she just glared at me like I was a murderer.

“You’re coming with me miss. Whether you like it or not. I’ll take you by force if I have too” The police officer told me. My shoulder’s dropped; I didn’t want to be dragged off like some criminal… I wasn’t a criminal. I would go with her but there were two things that were holding me back… “What about my kids…?” I asked. My babies. Page was still crying from upstairs; I needed to see them.

“Social Services are here to pick them up. They’ll be safe, but you won’t be seeing them any time soon, Mrs. Morel.” Then the officer cuffed me and put me in her squad car as I saw the social worker walk up my front steps to take my children away. I started to cry.

I was immediately put in a cell. But I still didn’t understand what was going on. No one was telling me anything. Why was I arrested for murder? I wasn’t crazy and I didn’t kill Pascal…. directly… oh.

I started to cry as tears blurred my vision and my cheeks were wet. I would have to stay here until my trial… which was in three months. Three months without my beautiful babies. How would I survive? My babies needed me. I needed them. I wouldn’t be locked up forever, but I really didn’t kill him! It was a fire!

How would my babies fair without their mother?

I need to get out of here…

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Sunset Knights (DiTFT) KyoCaz Gen 3, Chapter 8

My babies. Generally, Marco and Page got along quite well, sharing the books that they would read. They were two cuties. And I loved them both equally, but I think they fought for my attention…

Page would cry for me and as soon as I picked her up to cuddle her, Marco would start.

Marco was less of a crier than Page, but he always seems soo sad once I put down for a nap.

Marco took well to learning how to go potty, but he would always stare off looking at Pascal and Page.

I think he was a little jealous of the attention that Page got from her father. Marco’s father knew of Marco’s existence over the phone, but he had never met him since that would just cause trouble I did not want with Pascal. Ho Sung Kim, Marco’s father, was happily married after I had left China so Ho Sung didn’t actually want anything to do with Marco. But I think that’s what Marco really wanted… a father.

I tried my best to do it all though, for Marco and Page. Cooking every meal. That was one thing I wish I didn’t need to do…

My daily chores were falling behind because of it, but one day I heard Marco crying from upstairs and knowing that Pascal refused to help with Marco, I would need tend to him. So setting the hamburgers on the stove and telling Pascal, who was waiting for the hamburgers to be done, to watch them. I ran upstairs to check on Marco.

But when I got back down stairs smoke was filling the air and the stove was on fire. And nothing could prepare me for what happened next…

He… He… Pascal was gone. Even if he was horrible to me, I never wanted him dead…. I never knew fire could spread that fast. The firefighters got there too late. They checked out the house and made sure that the fire was completely out. They seemed to know how the fire started, but they didn’t want to tell me for some reason. The house was quite for the next few hours as I comforted Page and Marco. But a doorbell ring, interrupted our mourning…

I wonder who it could be…

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Sunset Knights (DiTFT) KyoCaz Gen 3, Chapter 7

I walked downstairs to see Pascal holding Page and a cake. I breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn’t anything bad and began to cheer for my little girl growing up.

Pascal however didn’t look to pleased, but never mind that.

Page grew up to be an adorable toddler!

The first thing I did was tickle her, she was such a cutie!

I mean I did not realize how good looking Pascal and my child would be! I could just steal her away forever!

Pascal seemed very taken with Page as well and actually picked her up for the first time in a long time to play with her.

They looked so happy, he looked so happy with his daughter. Page wasn’t just my baby, she was Pascal’s too…

But I also had a new baby to care for, Marco. My pale little boy from China. I heard Pascal coming up the steps with Page

and immediately after Pascal put Page down by her new toys,

He turned to me and shouted at me!

“How could you do this to me?” He shouted at me.
“Do what?” I said calmly back.

“Don’t play dumb! You know exactly what you did!” Pascal scared me, and so I took a step back.

“Pascal, you need to calm down… think of Page.” I said. Page was only a few feet away and could hear every word and shout.

“I don’t care! How could you do this to me!? Sleep with another man!” Pascal roared.

“You, You Whore!” Pascal pointed at me with his accusing finger.

Then he went into to a big speech about how he was my husband and I was his and how I was a bad wife and mother for doing this and that he would never forgive me and he refused to help out with Marco and how I still had to do everything and that I couldn’t sleep in his bed ever again. But Truly I was just getting more and more pissed.

I was going to let him have it, but Page and Marco were right there so I took a deep breath and held my nose before saying,

“Fine, whatever. Just leave me and my babies alone.”

“You better not ever lay a hand on my son! Or on me! Or I swear you will never see Page again.”

At that he backed off, looking towards the ground. He must really care about Page, and I did feel bad about using her as a threat, but Pascal was getting out of control and I bet if I had let him continue ranting at me, he would have gotten violent.

Pascal looked at his daughter for a few minutes before picking her up and then putting her to bed.

And then he himself headed to bed without me.

I soon got a phone call from the police station asking if everything was alright because neighbors had heard shouting and had called the police. I told them everything was fine, but I was also told that one of my brothers had ended himself in jail for 3 months for vandalizing public property and one of my sisters had been caught doing some strange things in her backyard… I knew my family was crazy, but I didn’t know that they were criminals as well…

I soon went to bed in my “new” bed without Pascal right next to me. I liked it a lot better; I was with my children as they slept peacefully.

Or at least until morning, Marco would cry for me…

And then wake Page up who then wanted my attention…

And she cried until I put Marco down and picked her up.

My days went on like that, waking up caring for my kids, fixing things, teaching Page how to talk and

Quickly responding every time they cried.

Pascal was true to his word. And never help out with Marco. He tried his best though to help Page learn her life skills. But he recently got a job at the theater, exactly what position I don’t know and I don’t care. But he’s gone for most of the day is what that means. Less time I have to deal with him at least.

Page is growing up so fast, she even started to read some of the baby books I accidently left out on the floor.

My baby girl was my world and Marco was my sky and soon enough…

He was a cute little toddler boy.

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Sunset Knights (DiTFT) KyoCaz Gen 3, Chapter 6

Life kinda returned to normal except I didn’t go anywhere at all… No trips, no adventures… I didn’t even leave the house at all…

I did all the chores around the house, laundry, cleaning toilets, you name it I probably did it. Pascal wasn’t helping out at all around the house and he was usually the one who broke things in the first place … He said that he had better things to do than clean and fix things… I don’t know what I ‘m going to do with him…

But before I knew it I was getting really nauseous and I knew exactly what that meant…

but I hoped that it wasn’t what I thought it was… because that would only make things harder for Pascal and I to mend our relationship…

And I needed to be there for Page, she was so tiny and I needed to be her mother, with or without Pascal.

Page was the only reason I was going to try to make this work. Page, my beautiful little girl. I loved her with all my heart.

Pascal tried to convince me to try for another baby because I guess he thought that would help our marriage, but I refused, at least for now, because I just didn’t feel comfortable to be intimate right now… with him…

Page was a bit of a crier though, she always needed something in the wee hours of the morning and apparently that was my job to care for her regardless of the time or what I was doing.

I didn’t really mind it, except the part where Pascal didn’t help me at all, but I got to spend precious time with my baby.

Page, she loved to be held and cuddled.

Pascal on the other hand, was getting madder and more irritable as the days went on…

I don’t understand what his problem is, but really! I’m trying my best to do EVERYTHING around the house and he gets mad just because I forgot to take the laundry out of the drier? I mean Really?

I did Everything around the house and Pascal just reaped the benefits…

He would expect breakfast every morning and then complain about it if it wasn’t good enough! I mean, If you don’t like it, don’t eat it and make it yourself! Really!

Thankfully, I was able to talk to my sister, Meg—even though she’s a little crazy—and rant about life and Pascal and my worries… which one actually came true… my tummy was getting bigger… and that only could mean one thing.

You’re pregnant? Pascal knew the signs from the books he read and from my last pregnancy…

and unfortunately I was, I knew who the father was, but Pascal didn’t seem to realize that it wasn’t him. That of which I am grateful for.

Days were better than my first pregnancy for the most part… I still had to do all the chores otherwise Pascal would get angry at me, but Pascal generally left me alone though.

It was nice. With my moods swinging liked my alone time, without Pascal pestering me.

I dreamed of running away though, going far, far away, perhaps to China or to Egypt…

But Page still needed me and I wasn’t about to leave her again…

But before I knew it, it was time. Time for my second baby to be born. Pascal freaked out again and said that he would stay home with Page anyway. So I went to the hospital by myself.

And soon, Marco Polo Morel was born. But you didn’t need to be a genius to see that this baby boy wasn’t Pascal son…

I got home and put Marco in his new crib and I heard Pascal yell for me down stairs… I wonder what he could want?

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Sunset Knights (DiTFT) KyoCaz Gen 3, Chapter 5

China. Where I went to clear my head, I wasn’t going to be gone long, just a weekend so don’t say I’m a bad mom alright? I know that Pascal can care for Page for a weekend since he was so eager to have a baby in the first place…

China’s fresh air and new exciting adventures made me forget about everything really wrong in my life. It was so peaceful there. I loved it.

I even learned a new song from the local Liu Pei who had misplaced a family relic so I had to go and find it. I didn’t mind since I was already a skilled adventurer.

But Liu was pretty cute too so we flirted a little…

And hugged. It was nice to feel needed for me not just because I was their wife or their handywoman.

And we kissed a little, what Pascal doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right? Right.

Liu stopped it there though and said that it was extremely important that he got his relic back soon… so I left for the Hall of the Lost Army.

It was a simple adventure. Just stepping on switches,

Using keystones,

But there was this “dive pool” that I had to swim through to get the next key.

It was nice to be surrounded by water at the time, but I was soaked afterwards so I was shivering the rest of the way.

I used that last keystone to open the final door and found the lost relic. I was going to head straight for Liu Pei’s house, but the Hall of the Lost Army was right next to the merchants and I wanted to see if there was anything good to be bought.

I went into the bookstore first and meet the owner Ho Sung Kim. He was even more handsome than Liu Pei! We talked a bit about books and then we started to flirt…

And kiss…

It felt like all my troubles were melting away and I had nothing to be worried about. Ho Sung was so kind, I missed that…

We even went back to his house later once his shop closed up and we, um, had a lot of fun I suppose you could say…

Anyways, I finally did return the relic to Liu and he was really happy to have it back. He then introduced me to his father and his father had a quest for me to do.

I had to run all the way there, but once I arrived it was worth it.

The Temple of the Dragon.

I won’t bore you with the small detail of what happened inside cause it wasn’t all that exciting… it was the same old routine, find secret door, go find treasure, find another secret door, hit some rocks… you get the picture, but once I got to the main room a vision filled my head of a mummy fighting an adventurer and I didn’t really know what that meant so I turned around and was going to go back to Liu’s father when I had another vision… I saw a huge fire and my babies crying and Pascal nowhere to be seen.

It frightened me so much that I ran all the way back to Liu’s father to explain the visions I saw,

but he didn’t know what to say about the second one all he knew that I was chosen to do some master quest here in China and I had to come back soon. But my second vision scared me so I hopped on a plane back home.

Thankfully despite my worst fears, my house was still standing, Pascal and Page were both fine and safe, but it did make me realize how much I cared for my baby Page and that I could never leave her like that again, even though it was just a weekend that I was gone.

Pascal had a few choice words for me once I got home, like “Where in the world did I go?” and some nasty names.

I didn’t care though at the moment, I told him to shut it and I went to check on my baby. Page was fine gooing and giggling like a happy baby.

When I got back downstairs after putting Page down for a nap, Pascal was sitting on the couch just staring into the distance.

I approached him and apologized for my reckless actions and asked if we could make this marriage work… for Page.

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